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The ladies leading Eide Chrysler Pine City.

Shifting Gears: Meet the Women of the Auto Industry

Posted at Tue, Jun 29, 2021 12:45 PM

The ladies of Eide Pine City

The auto industry has seen plenty of changes lately, with shifts to electric vehicles and the easy ability to custom-order your vehicles how you want them, but there has been another shift in the auto industry slowly progressing over the last few decades—the number of women working in it. 

Part of our core values here at Eide Chrysler include providing you a team of experts focused on giving you the best service and the best deals. We are proud that our team has women in every department and leading teams to help make our dealership run correctly. 

Meet the Eide Ladies

Let us introduce a few of the hard-working women that help make Eide Chrysler in Pine City the best place to get your next vehicle from. 

Gayle Kozak - Parts Manager

Parts manager Gayle at Pine City

Gayle started on the Eide team in the service and administrative teams before she became our Parts Manager. You might have read about her when she was named employee of the month last December, and she’s still here every day leading her team while overseeing new hires and training in the parts department. 

When asked about her job, Kozak says she loves the variety of her job from day to day. 

Every day is different. I love solving new problems and helping walk-up customers find what they need fast. Helping different people solve different problems each day is what I really enjoy.”

When asked what her #1 tip was for drivers, Kozak quickly replied that regular oil changes are key to car maintenance. 

Amy Baumert: Sales Professional

Sales Professional Amy in Pine City

For a sales professional like Amy Baumert, a day at Eide consists of making contact with customers, cleaning the lot up to make it look nice, and helping customers find the right vehicle that fits their needs and wants. The team also takes time to have a little fun as well. 

After growing up here in Pine City, Amy says she accidentally got into automotive sales. 

“I applied for the detail position and when I came to interview the General Manager at the time asked me if I would consider selling cars. He thought I had the perfect small-town, outgoing personality. I took the leap and never looked back.”

As for Eide Chrysler Pine City’s values, Baumert says the emphasis on family is especially important to her. 

“I have four boys and Eide always gives me the option to go watch their sports if tasks are done or they’ll allow our children to work with us if need be. We are like one big family and I love it. We know the managers' children and they know ours.”

Linda Tougas: Sales Professional

Sales Professional Linda in Pine City

While growing up in Two Harbors, Minnesota, Linda Tougas didn’t picture a career in the automotive industry for herself. 

“My background is actually in social work (child protection, children’s mental health). I decided to move from here in Minnesota to Wisconsin, where I was told I needed to start over. I was hired at a dealership in Eau Claire and it changed my life. I shortly made my way to the top of the leader board and have never dropped down since then!” 

Tougas was nominated as “Sales Superstar” in the National CBT Car Biz Today Magazine back in 2014 and has turned in incredible sales numbers and top performances.

“I begin my day at 4:00 am gathering thoughts over coffee before I arrive at the dealership between 6:00-6:30 am. I complete my required training, hand write Thank You cards, and start my follow-up tasks. I do all I can to maintain that personal relationship with customers because you can’t buy that online.

Women in Auto: Then vs. Now

Now that we know a little bit more about the women themselves, let’s see what they had to say about the changes they are seeing in the auto industry with women. 

“Twenty years ago, when I first started in the auto industry, women were not hired often or asked ‘what if you want a baby? How would that work?’ and then not get the job. It’s not like that at all now. Now, we have women in every department and two in parts alone,” said Gayle Kozak, Parts Manager. 

Kozak also commented how much she loves noticing so many new graduating women choosing to go into technical or automotive fields in the area. 

“We are growing in the industry and women buying vehicles love it. I do know that not everyone takes us [women] seriously or thinks we won't know anything about the vehicle, but we are becoming more trusted,” said Amy Baumert, Sales Professional. 

“My first few months in the auto industry I was taunted, teased, bullied, and told I would never make it. One person believed in me and I worked harder to get my numbers up to the top of the leaderboard. It’s all so different now, there is so much more opportunity,” said Linda Tougas, Sales Professional. 

Put Us to the Test

Our philosophy as a dealership is clear and every man and woman working here works hard every day to meet those expectations and set a good example for other businesses in the community. 

No matter what help you need or vehicle issue you run into, you can be sure that the Eide Chrysler Pine City team will work with you to get you fair prices without any hassling. 

Get to know the team more on the site or stop by and let one of them direct you to what you need. 

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