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Questions To Ask Before Buying a Used Vehicle

Posted at Wed, Aug 25, 2021 2:45 PM

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Shopping for a used vehicle can be scary. Finding a dealership you trust to be honest with you about a vehicle’s condition, pricing, and other further protections can seem daunting. 

That’s why we listed some questions for you to ask the next time you’re out shopping for your next used vehicle. 

Dealership Questions to Consider:

How Much Information Is Available to You? 

Can you clearly see the price? When was the last time the vehicle was inspected? 

Other dealerships might try to hide prices or history of a vehicle from you. 

Eide Pine City General Sales Manager Ryne Balzer says his top used-car buying tips are to ask about the vehicle’s history and inspections. 

In my opinion, the first and most important piece of information is a background check on the used vehicle that you're looking at purchasing,” Ryne says “We use Auto-check at all of our Eide locations and that report is available for all of our used inventory and readily available on our websites.”

Balzer recommends asking about vehicle inspections next. All used vehicles that are offered for sale at Eide have been inspected by certified mechanics.

Eide also follows a Markdown Pricing philosophy every day, which means we keep all costs clearly stated and well known while we focus our efforts on saving your time, staying hassle free, and offering fair prices upfront. 

What Protections Does the Dealership Offer?

You need to work with a dealership that will provide protection for you and your vehicle once you drive off of the lot. 

Eide dealerships exclusively have the Risk-Free used vehicle program that provides select vehicles with extra protection and warranty coverage. With these vehicles, you can leave the lot with a full inspection and free annual inspections for as long as you drive it. 

How Does the Dealership Calculate Trade Value?

If you are thinking about buying used and trading in your current vehicle, keep in mind that looking at only one site’s idea of what your vehicle is worth could cost you money. 

Our team practices fair market trade-in value, which means we research multiple sources to make sure you get the best return for the value of your vehicle. We’ll buy yours, even if you don’t buy from us. 

What’s the Service Department Like? 

Taking care of a used vehicle is important if you want to get the most miles out of it. 

Service excellence is an important Eide pillar of ours, which is why we have Master Certified technicians working extended hours during the week and on Saturdays to accommodate any schedule. You can easily schedule appointments online and enjoy our complimentary shuttle services. 

Shop With Eide Pine City

We get that shopping for a used vehicle can seem intimidating. That’s why we base all of our work around giving you a hassle-free and honest car shopping experience that doesn’t stop once the papers are signed. You can read more about our own Eide Philosophies on our website. 

Check out some of our used vehicle inventory and be sure you’re working with a great team focused on getting you the best deal. 

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