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Do You Have These 3 Must-Have Accessories for Your RAM Truck?

Posted at Fri, Feb 21, 2020 11:30 AM

Must-have RAM truck accessories

Buying a new RAM truck is incredibly fun — but the excitement doesn’t stop when our Pine City sales team hands you the keys for the first time.

Before driving your new, award-winning RAM home for the first time, stop by our Accessories Department at Eide CDJR to pick out the best accessories that will make your RAM even better

There are many extras you can purchase for your ride, so we’ll highlight the top three must-haves that every Minnesota RAM truck driver should have

Keep in mind that if these Mopar accessories are put on right away when you buy your new truck, they are included in the bumper-to-bumper, three year-36,000 mile warranty!

Running Boards

RAM running boards at Eide CDJR

A RAM truck’s running boards along the bottom of the doors serve two main purposes:

  1. They provide an easy step for getting into the truck given the higher ground clearance.
  2. They can block some debris and gravel from being thrown onto the side panels and doors while driving.
  3. They look really great.
    (Okay, that’s three things!)

Our parts manager, Gayle Kozak, says that there are multiple options for running boards.

“They make a cab-length and a wheel-to-wheel option, which gives you the extra step when getting into the box,” Gayle says. “Running boards dress up the truck, have slip resistant steps, and are a no-drill installation.

The price of running boards at Eide CDJR vary depending on what type you get, but Gayle says they typically run in the $500-$700 range.

A Tonneau Cover

Tonneau cover at Eide CDJR in Pine City

We’re not sure how any Minnesota truck drivers go without a tonneau cover, given the snow and precipitation we get for much of the year.

This cover completes your RAM truck by protecting your bed and the cargo within it. It’s an extremely practical accessory, and it looks great. 

It’s not just for protection from the weather, though. A tonneau cover is also a smart choice if you frequently haul cargo for work or play (like tools or camping gear.) Keep that stuff protected from being stolen when you’re out and about by covering it up.

Gayle explains that tonneau covers come in a variety of options, including folding, retractactable, roll-ups, or even hard covers.

“We typically stock the soft roll-up cover in Pine City,” Gayle says. “But, we can get any type a customer would like.”

If you’re looking for a soft-roll up tonneau cover, you can expect to spend just over $530 for that extra bed protection at Eide CDJR.

A Bedliner

Spray-in bedliner on a RAM truck

Having a large, practical truck bed may be one of the reasons you purchased a RAM truck in the first place. So, get the most out of that truck bed’s utility by installing a bedliner

Bedliners protect the inner-side of your truck bed from damage, and they can also provide skid-resistance so your gear stays in place while on the road. 

There are a few types of bedliners available to Minnesota truck drivers:

  • Drop-in bedliners
  • Spray on bedliners
  • Bed mats

Customers can order drop-in bedliners through our parts department at any time, but Gayle says we typically carry the bed mats because they take up less storage room.

“It’s a real heavy rubber mat that rolls into the bottom of the bed,” she says. “This helps with keeping stuff from sliding around in the bed of the truck.”

Additionally, RAM customers can add on a spray-on liner during the sales process if they’d prefer that option, but that will be installed offsite.

“Drop-in bedliners run about $360, and the mats are about $180,” Gayle says. “They both come with tailgate protection, too!”

Find all your Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and RAM accessories in Pine City

In addition to the three must-haves discussed above, many drivers also purchase mud flaps, WeatherTech® floor mats, and more! 

Stop by our accessories department to take a look at our options for making your vehicle look and perform even better. Or, give our parts department a call to chat with Gayle or another member of our parts team.

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