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Meet our new Business Manager, Jolene!

Posted at Mon, Nov 27, 2023 10:45 AM

Meet our newest Business Manager, Jolene Torgerson! 

Jolene joined our family in May 2021 as a Sales Consultant, and this November, has been promoted to Business Manager! 

Jolene was a great Sales Consultant, working well with her customers, and helping out all of her teammates in every way, which helped to create the healthy work environment on the sales floor that we have today. “I enjoyed selling because you truly get what you put into it. If you work hard, are dedicated and want to do well you will. Proof is in the pudding!”

“Eide has helped me grow in many ways, both personally and professionally. It has opened up a world of possibilities, and I am excited to see how much more I will be able to accomplish throughout my career here. I am very thankful for this new opportunity as Business Manager, to continue my career at Eide, as well as see continuous growth for myself. I am excited to learn another aspect of the dealership, because it will help me to be a more well rounded employee for the dealership and my team here at Eide.”

A lot of people don’t believe that a business can have such a fun and healthy work environment that feels like you are working with family, but if you ask anyone who works at Eide Chrysler Pine City, you might start thinking differently. “We have a special thing going here at our Eide Pine City location,” says Jolene. “We are more of a family than just co-workers. We have truly built an exciting, enjoyable, and inviting work environment to be in. Which makes it a lot easier to spend as much time as we do at work together.”

We asked Jolene what it means to her to be a leader: “To not only have big ideas and suggestions but to have a plan to carry out those ideas smoothly. To help my team by building trust, respect and keeping up the morale we have within our team. I'm excited for my team to no longer be in competition with me but to come to me for ideas and suggestions on how to better themselves in their role.”

“Jolene has established herself as a key part of the team and a leader within the sales department. Eide Chrysler Pine City is super fortunate to have Jolene as a part of our team, and now as a leader within management. She has always been a great mentor to new salespeople, and I am excited to see her grow into her new position as Business Manager,” says Tom Fischbach, General Manager at Eide Chrysler Pine City.

“We are all excited to have Jolene join the finance team,” says Connie Hageman and James Randall, Sales Managers at Eide Chrysler Pine City. “She has shown incredible dedication to Eide, and we are all happy to watch her excel at her new adventure!”

Thank you Jolene, for all you have done for Eide Chrysler Pine City, and for everything you have done for all of our customers!

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