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The new 2021 Dodge Durango driving down a Pine City road.

The New 2021 Dodge Durango: Comfort and Convenience

Posted at Wed, Jun 9, 2021 4:45 PM

The new 2021 Dodge Durango on a Pine City road

After taking a look at the design and style features and diving into the power and performance behind the new 2021 Dodge Durango, it is now time to see how this new mid-size SUV can keep you comfortable and keep your rides convenient. 

For the Driver 

As the driver of a larger vehicle, you need features that ensure your comfort and controls that are simple to work with while driving. 

To keep the controls more accessible, the whole cockpit is designed to be driver-centric or shifted more towards the driver. No more reaching and less time your eyes are off the road.

As the driver, you have easy control over your own comfort as well. Find 8-way power front seats with 4-way power lumbar adjustment to provide proper back support and the best view to check your surroundings. 

Want even more control over your comfort?

You are now able to custom-order vehicles, like the new 2021 Dodge Durango, where you’ll be able to choose from 15 seat options, as well as, plenty of other customizations you can make to get exactly what you want.

The interior of the new 2021 Dodge Durango

For the Passengers 

While the front of the vehicle is designed for the driver’s convenience, features focused on second-row passengers were not forgotten. 

A second-row center console gives the back of the vehicle their own climate control in arm’s reach and easy access to their own USB port. 

Have you wasted time trying to fit both your things and your passengers into a vehicle? The new 2021 Dodge Durango has 50+ seat configurations you can arrange to best fit around what you need. 

During those harsh winter days, heated seats are found in both the first and second rows to provide a warmer experience for your passengers. 

What Next? 

Make sure to check out our blog for the first two posts of this three-part series highlighting all of the incredible features you can find with this new mid-size SUV. 

If you like what you see, easily schedule a test drive in Pine City today or get in touch with our team for more information. 

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