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Connie & Jolene - Strong Women Leaders Within The Sales Department

Posted at Wed, May 31, 2023 9:30 AM

Connie and Jolene w/ Jeep Wrangler

Not every dealership is lucky enough to have a full team of rockstars within their sales department, let alone strong women leaders. 

Eide Chrysler Pine City is lucky enough to have two super stars of our own, Jolene Torgerson and Connie Hageman! 

Meet Jolene

Jolene has been working as a Sales Consultant since May 2021. 

Before working at Eide Chrysler Pine City, Jolene was a bartender for 12 years. This taught her excellent customer service, which has benefited her in many ways in the automotive industry. 

“Working here is like working with family,” says Jolene. “It’s a special crew here, and we all get along really well.”

“Eide has helped me grow in many ways, both personally and professionally. It has opened up a world of possibilities, and I am excited to see how much more I will be able to accomplish throughout my career here,” Jolene stated. 

“Jolene has established herself as a key part of the team, and a leader within the sales department. Eide Chrysler Pine City is super fortunate to have Jolene leading the way in sales. She is always a friendly face and a great mentor to new salespeople,” says Tom Fischbach, General Manager at Eide Chrysler Pine City. 

In her free time, Jolene likes to ride her motorcycle and spend time in her garden. 

Meet Connie

Connie has been working as a Sales Consultant since January 2022, and will be promoted to Sales Manager starting August 1, 2023. 

Before starting at Eide Chrysler Pine City, Connie was a nurse for 26 years. This taught her many useful skills that have aided her in sales. 

“This position has taught me to step out of my comfort zone, and because of that my confidence has grown immensely,” Connie says. “I am proud to say that I have been salesperson of the month many times during my sales career, and I was only able to achieve this because of my teammates who helped me get there.”

“A little over a year ago, Connie made a complete career change and decided to join Eide Chrysler Pine City. She has set herself as a top performer in sales, taking on even more challenges later this summer in sales management,” Tom says. 

In her free time, Connie likes to travel, going to concerts and listening to live music, and hanging out with friends and family. 

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

The work environment at Eide Chrysler Pine City is unlike any other. Not only does everyone trust and care for each other, but everyone works together so that everyone can be successful in their own ways. 

“The most special thing we have here is our teamwork,” says Jolene. “We all love friendly competition; it helps us all succeed day to day. But we always build each other up, and have each other’s backs at all times. That’s what makes us such a strong and successful team.”

“We’re strong because we care about each other,” says Connie. “We work as one, and know that when one of us is successful, we all are. Our love and care for one another has created a very family oriented work environment, with good energy at all times.” 

“We all start as the newbie, but we all are learning and growing together no matter where we are in our careers,” says Jolene. “This all starts from the top down. Our management cares about everyone, no matter their job title, and wants to see everyone grow everyday.”

“We are super excited and lucky to have two super powerful and successful women leaders in our organization, and leading our sales department in both management and sales,” says Ryne Balzer, General Sales Manager at Eide Chrysler Pine City. 

We want to say a special thank you to Connie and Jolene for everything they’ve done for all of our customers, and for all they’ve done for our sales department, and for Eide Chrysler Pine City as a whole.

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